Saturday, August 27, 2011

hang out @ MERDEKA MALL :D

HEY!!! today!!! which is... erm... 27th august (1day after hol) we went hang out @ merdeka mall.... tho actually... we jz play arcade... [which made me poor] D: huhu~ and the great thing is we saw winnie da pooh there... fortunately me and Li Nah was able to take a picture with it >< it was awesome!!! we look stupid in da pic tho T_T anyways~ as i was saying... we went to the arcade most of the time n most of our money $$ T.T played driving :D using manual was SUPER DUPER fun cuz it wayyyyy~ faster.... tho i did not learn how to drift.... T.T that's for being da beginner... D: then we played dancing which made our ears HURT LIKE HELLL!!!! im so not gonna play that again :@ thats pretty much wat happened...

for you information... today was also very soi... D: my guitar string (d thinest) broke... n cause d ice in d fridge all come out, when i done cutting lemon d knife n chopping board fell off and ... D GUITAR STRING WENT INTO MY SKIN... MY FINGER... N DA FEELING OF A STRING ENTERING [1.5CM] UR SKIN... WAS TERRIBLE D:

Saturday, August 6, 2011

new blog :D

so, i made a new blog... yay!!!! >< i wont b updating it quite often tho :D