Sunday, December 11, 2011

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

limbang trip :3

Hey !!! long time i dont update.. im sorry that i am going to write a kinda old story :3 erm.. went to limbang using plane as i dont have a passport -_______-
the sky view:

after reach we went to my aunt house. got too tired and fell asleep :

haha.. jz upload for fun :3 erm.. went ''pa shan''
20% n my sis got tired. so we dint reach the top T___T

*sorry din take pic of the hill >< when we went back already evening. :3 the scenery:

then the next mornin went for breakfastt :3 at the pasar upstairs... had some serious talk -_____- :

then went plaza walk walk... then lunch :3
ate this... a kinda seafood that i never eaten before. sorry, i only took pic of this as a lot of adults. feel awkward taking pic ALL the food ><

erm... went back packing... oww ya. our room *kinda sux the hotel but its ok la :

before going .. i went to uncle house. uncle #1 played with his dogs...

uncle no2# haha... played w ipad 2 :3 had too much fun dint take pic of it >< lolx?? oya, his daughter wrote her name in a very ''fashioned'' way n i too pic w her toys :3"

then went for abc ^^ the weather was very hot :3

n then... thats pretty much how the trip went :3 we went on plane n went back miri ^^