Sunday, January 22, 2012


 I would like to wish all my friends and family a Happy chinese new year!!! :)

my birthday :3 -15 jan

As ALMOST NO ONE knows... 15 January was my birthday. Haha.. well, the first person to wish me birthday was Charles Goh Geok Yew :D haha. 3am message me  =) yay!! lolx -__- okok.. then me and my family went to boulevard :) 

In the car~~~ 

Haha.. soo many zi lian picture... paiseh paiseh :P hmm.... then shopping and saw dao quite a few of my friends :) For dinner we eat outside.. at P and P (Pizza and pasta) 

 somehow they gave us an angry bird pen -___- haha... :)

 And it comes with the mash potato (>___<)
curry~~~ <3 loving it

keuh tiaw... erm... quite alot~ and very tastyy.. yummm~

All this :) lets start digging in.. eat while wait for pizza :)

 posing wit the pen -___-
 My sister's drink... ><
 My dad's drink
 My drink... #weird tasting drink
 bread!!! yum yum,...
Pizza... Too fast eat almost forget to take pic

My birthday present!!! -from me #forever alone#

 Can see dao the rice ma?? O_O

  Happy after tonight dinner :D

 How i wear out boulevard :)

 The shirt bought with besties at kk :)

 mmm... biting on the necklace :)

Happy birthday to me!!1 #forever alone..

btw, I would like to thank Yasmin, Nadiah and Yvonne for wishing me a happy birthday :)