Sunday, November 20, 2011

hang out with cheryl, irene, jia wen, si qii and mindy :D

hey! its been a long time since i updated this blog.. kinda lazeh T_T lately i kept on using -eh at the end of a word :D that's just me :) erm.. so, im gonna write about today n yesterday :D blast of time! we made cake for si qii. her birthday is still far away though... :) hmm... i bought the ingredient at morsjaya with rabbit and si qii :)

so yesterday they came to my house n did the cake. some progress !!! :D

then today they came n continue :D

then we celebrate.. well, shi qii was kinda suprised :D then they came to my house. watch ghost movie :D that 50 inch tv did paid off :D

n not to forget! my lunch! my pastor got married yesterday he treat us a meal.. a pic of my lunch <3 erm, fyi this is 2 people share. i cant finish this all :D

some pics are still with sau ming :) lazy want to post :D