Thursday, September 15, 2011

holiday again :-)

hey everyone!!! :D its been awhile since i've on9!!! hurray!! alot of things have been going on lately... some gud some bad ;D let start with hat happened long long time ago... okay.. it was d exam and fortunately i was able to get kinda high marks[enough to satisfy me] without CHEATING!!! yay! of course i dont actually cheat last time either. well, the exam here was quite fun when we got to go back early... hehe~ okay.. then my purata is 70 sth [ im not gonna tell] then it was d holidays... :D awesome things happen... i learnt a lesson to omfirm before getting angry... sorry dude~ [if you are reading this] hehe... and then... erm... after d holiday... wednesday: 7th of sept.. i ent to my mother's hometown. SERIKEI! yay! i have his cousin that is same age but smehow she just doesn't please me. urghh.... well, i dun wan to remeber him.. meting up with al my unccles n aunties were fun! i especially like my 2nd uncl [from Japan] hopefully i can go there sometime. oya. there's this cousin that freak me out... urgh.... he likes to hole my hand... wait~ that suppose to be hat couples do.. not COUSINS. nyway.. it was quite fun and i came back miri on the 10th. he also lykes to confuse me D: haha. there's this dude.. from 2a tht always call me fat -.-'' that ORANGE GAY!!! yesterday went kolej n play. the bomba were cooking.. since i have no one to hang out with so i ended up there cuz my maths teacher was there so is joel and jac. n then TODAY! phew~ went to buy plastic n go kolej play ball. had fun :D malas aq mauk tulis panjang2 udah. -off-